The SHLC/Pierson Scholarship Fund

Our mission is simple – we want to raise funds for college-bound Pierson seniors to help them and their families with tuition. The criteria for selecting our scholarship winners include academic excellence, teacher and community recommendations, a written essay, extracurricular activities, community service, and financial need. Our selection committee of five is chaired by Lion Mark Poitras, a Pierson graduate.

2024 Recipients

$40,000 Total 

Justin Gardiner | Georgia Tech

Izzy Caplin | University of Pennsylvania

Chad Federico | Rice University

2023 Recipients

$40,000 Total 

Ashley Weatherwax | Binghamton University

Emily Squires | University of South Carolina

Chloe Lucyk | North Carolina State University

David Giraldo | Construction Career Scholarship Award

2022 Recipients

$40,000 Total

Eve Iulo | Colgate University

Reed Kelsey | Boston College

Troy Remkus | Florida State University

2021 Recipients

$30,000 Total

Truman Yardley | Georgia Tech

Sara Schoen | Villanova University 

Thaily Ribadeneira-Amaguay | Stony Brook University

2020 Recipients

$20,000 Total

Halle Brooke Kneeland | University of Florida

Henry Wagner Brooks | University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lola Rita Lama | NYU Tisch School of Arts

2019 Recipients

$40,000 Total

Paige Schaefer | Lehigh University 

Ella Rose Knibb | Cornell University

Emily Hallock| Duke University