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SHLC Announces 2021 Scholarship Award-Winners

Truman Yardley—Truman’s career choice is Engineering (aerospace, mechanical, or robotic). Truman plans to attend Georgia Tech.

Sara Schoen—Sara’s career choice is either to be a mathematics teacher or pursue pre-med. Sara plans to attend Villanova University.

Thaily Ribadeneira-Amaguay—Thaily’s listed her career choice as biomechanical engineering; but, in her personal essay she said she wants to be a doctor so that she can help her Latino Community.

Thaily plans to attend the Stony Brook University

To read the full story in the Sag Harbor Express of the 2021 Scholarship Recipients click THIS LINK

SHLC creates a Special Resilience Award for Iaiela

Cailen Riley [ Sag Harbor Express]  writes a wonderful story about Iaiela. Here is a brief excerpt:

When Pierson High School guidance counselor Margaret Motto pulled Iaiela Saldivar-Tellez into her office near the end of the school year, Iaiela was initially worried she’d done something wrong. It was the look on Ms. Motto’s face, she said, that had her thinking bad news was about to be delivered.

“She looked so serious,” Iaiela recalled, saying Ms. Motto asked her if she’d checked her voicemail recently. She said no, adding, “I told her if I did anything wrong, it’s not my fault.”

So Iaiela checked her messages. There was one from someone associated with the Sag Harbor Lions Club. Ms. Motto urged Iaiela to return the call. That’s when she got the news, and it certainly wasn’t bad. The Pierson High School senior learned that she’d earned a $2,000 scholarship from the club, which had created a Special Award category just for her, after reviewing the application she’d sent in for one of the three scholarships handed out by the organization to Pierson students each year. Ms. Motto congratulated Iaiela, and that was a strange feeling, she said. “She started praising me, and I got really emotional, because I’ve never really been praised before,” Iaiela said in an interview earlier this week. “I was just speechless. I couldn’t even say thank you, so Ms. Motto took the phone and said thank you for me. It might not seem like a lot of money for some people, but for me it’s an incredible amount of money.”

SHLC Announces 2020 Scholarship Award-Winners

In an email to the Sag Harbor Lions Club members, the Scholarship Selection Committee introduced the 2020 Scholarship recipients:

Halle Brooke Kneeland— Halle’s career choice is to be a pediatric nurse or a children’s oncology nurse. In her personal essay, she stated that she “would love to work with children in a cancer treatment center…” Halle plans to attend the University of Florida.

Henry Wagner Brooks—Henry’s career choice is either business or law. In Henry’s essay, he stated that he wants “to pursue opportunities to continue…to make the Sag Harbor Community proud.” Henry plans to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Lola Rita Lama—Lola would like to be an actor or a playwright. In her essay, Lola wrote about volunteering at East Hampton’s LVIS thrift store where she “learned so much about giving back.” Lola plans to attend NYU Tisch School of Arts.