SHLC Delivers “Project Sweetness” to Southampton Stony Brook

Project Sweetness 4/22/20VP Sean Kiely [L to R], Pres Tony Lawless, Jeanne Zaykowski, and DG Marianne [end] deliver ice cream to the loading dock of the hospital. The ice cream is given to the front-line medical personnel to make their lives a little bit sweeter.

The funds to purchase the ice cream, delivered to Suffolk County hospitals, including Southampton, were provided through an emergency block grant of $200,000.00 from LCIF to NY State & Bermuda Lions – MD-20. In turn, 20-S applied and received $18,250.00 to provide “Project Sweetness” approved by the 20-S Cabinet. The ice cream was purchased from Hershey’s Creamery in East Northport who donated the time for the drivers and the delivery truck.