The SHLC/Pierson Scholarship Fund

Jun 25, 2021

Our mission is simple – we want to raise funds for college-bound Pierson seniors to help them and their families with tuition. The criteria for selecting our scholarship winners include academic excellence, teacher and community recommendations, a written essay, extracurricular activities, community service, and financial need. Our selection committee of five is chaired by Lion Mark Poitras, a Pierson graduate. Our program expenses are very low, thus 100% of your donation goes directly to the benefit of the student.

The scholarship program has been well received by the Pierson and Sag Harbor community. With your support, we will keep this community-based/community-funded program going.

2022 Recipients

$40,000 Total 

Eve Iulo | Colgate University

Reed Kelsey | Boston University

Troy Remkus | Flordia State University


2021 Recipients

$30,000 Total 

Truman Yardley | Georgia Tech

Sara Schoen | Villanova University

Thaily Ribadeneira-Amaguay | Stony Brook University


2020 Recipients

$20,000 Total

Halle Brooke Kneeland | University of Florida

Henry Wagner Brooks | University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lola Rita Lama | NYU Tisch School of Arts


2019 Recipients

$40,000 Total

Paige Schaefer | Lehigh University

Henry Wagner Brooks | Cornell University

Lola Rita Lama | Duke University